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The Strathmore Development Team Discusses A Shift of Focus to Grocery Retail in Conover, NC

The Strathmore Development Team discusses a shift of focus to mixed-use projects and grocery retail in Conover, N.C. 

 Consumer desires are constantly changing, and the Strathmore Real Estate Group knows how to respond. Grocery retail and mixed-use projects are proving popular in Conover, N.C., and other cities across the country, and Strathmore Development has decided to pursue projects in those expanding markets. 

Strathmore Development is always at the cutting-edge of real estate trends. The trend in the City of Conover is leaning toward developments with grocery anchors accompanied by retail stores. The newest retail center is the Conover Commerce Center, set to feature a grocery store, outparcels, and local retail stores. It sits across from a Walmart Supercenter, which means the location may become a hub for shoppers looking to purchase everything they need in one easy location. 

“We’re seeing a shift toward shoppers who want to complete all of their tasks in one development,” Strathmore Development experts say. “Grocery anchored retail allows us to provide the grocery stores people need as well as a number of retail options to help them knock out all of their chores in one quick trip.”

Strathmore Real Estate Group experts have an interest in the city of Conover, because of it’s standing as the fastest growing city in the area. Conover sits just 40 miles north of Charlotte, N.C. The subject site for the Strathmore Development project is just on Highway 16 just off of Interstate 40, which sees 65,000 vehicles passing per day. 

Strathmore Development experts explain that placing a grocery anchored retail development here is a no-brainer. Mixed-use proejcts are becoming increasingly popular, and the Strathmore Real Estate Group considers this proejct an obvious choice in the rapidly growing city of Conover. The team states that this already-popular area will undoubtedly support a grocery store as well as the additional shops surrounding it.

Known as the Trade Area, this part of town is home to more than 54,000 people. Evenmore, Strathmore Development experts state 323 apartments are currently being built with an additional 60 apartments expected to begin construction soon. The population in Conover is expected to continue increasing rapidly, and the population will surely take to a first-class grocery anchored retail development.

“The population is booming in this area, and we’re excited to help make life more convenient for those who are moving here,” Strathmore Real Estate Group experts say. “We expect the population to continue increasing, and that means business for the supermarket and other retail establishments in this development will continue to grow as well.”

The Strathmore Real Estate Group has not yet released which grocery and retail stores will be entering the complex. 

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