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Strathmore’s Red Cedar Flats Residential Community Thriving Through the Pandemic

As the pandemic begins to subside and our communities adjust to the new normal, Scott Chappelle, President of Strathmore Real Estate Group, says social distancing will continue to be an important part of Red Cedar Flats’ health and safety strategy. Strathmore recently completed the Red Cedar Flats housing project – a planned community located adjacent to Michigan State University. 

“During the planning and building process, we made major adjustments to our procedures and policies to ensure the continued health and safety of our residents,” says Scott Chappelle East Lansing resident and philanthropist.   

Scott Chappelle Praises the Unique, Safety-Focused Design of Red Cedar Flats

Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development (11)According to Scott Chappelle, Red Cedar Flats’ unique design is what will help it continue to thrive during the pandemic. The residential community provides separate bedrooms with in-suite private bathrooms for every tenant. Each apartment also has its own laundry equipment so there’s no need to gather or wait in a common laundry room or laundromat where social distancing is difficult. 

Heating and air conditioning systems are provided for each individual unit which drastically reduces the possibility of a common exchange of air with other tenants.The units also possess solid surface flooring, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances, which are easy to sanitize and won’t be damaged by repeated wipedowns.

“This community was built with reduction of transmission in mind,” says Scott Chappelle. “We took every possible precaution during the design and construction of these apartments and we’re continuing that commitment to health and safety as residents start to move in.”

Red Cedar Flats is now conducting tours remotely for interested residents using Facetime, Zoom, and other convenient video chat platforms. Alternatively, if applicants choose to tour MSU’s newest luxury apartments in person, Red Cedar Flats is happy to provide them with a free mask. 

President Scott Chappelle East Lansing Businessman and Philanthropist Commends His Staff 

President Scott Chappelle is quick to praise his staff for “stepping up” in response to the pandemic. The company worked double-time to increase their safety measures and cleanliness procedures as well as keep those high standards over the entirety of the last seven months.   

“The property management team has done an amazing job keeping things on track during the pandemic despite full occupancy and the ongoing construction of the final phase,” praises Scott Chappelle. “I can’t give them enough credit for their hard work and their tireless vigilance.”

Demand Rising for Red Cedar Flats Community Despite COVID-19 Says Scott Chappelle

MSU’s enrollment continued to rise throughout the pandemic, creating a high demand for Red Cedar Flats’ safety-focused, luxury residential community living.

“These students deserve to feel safe when they come home from classes. They should have a place to relax and focus on their studies, no matter what the environment is like outside,” says Scott Chappelle East Lansing businessman and President of Strathmore Real Estate Group. 

Scott Chappelle is the President of Strathmore Real Estate Group, a company that assists with real estate development, acquisition, sales and leasing, and property management. The company has a dedicated team of talented engineers, CPAs, attorneys, and other real estate professionals who are uniquely qualified to meet the challenges and intricacies of today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving real estate environment.

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