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Strathmore Development Discusses Real Estate Tips in the Time of Covid-19: the Importance of Anchored Grocery

Strathmore Development is responsible for developing and transforming many areas in the country under the steady direction of Scott Chappelle. As a result, many people have learned to follow Strathmore Real Estate Group when it comes to property development. So if they say the time is ripe for grocery-anchored real estate, it’s a good idea to listen.

Strathmore Real Estate Group Discusses Grocery-Anchored Real Estate

Over the years, Strathmore Development has noticed that customer taste in real estate has changed profoundly. More and more people are looking to move into an area that provides all of their needs, rather than having to travel every time that they want to shop. Scott Chappelle and Strathmore Real Estate Group understand this impulse: people want to return to a small community lifestyle.

As a result, they have been exploring and developing the concept of grocery-anchored retail over the last several years. This unique type of real estate is something Strathmore Development believes will continue to be the future of real estate. Scott Chappelle, in particular, has centered Strathmore Real Estate Group on finding unique ways of creating this type of property and directing customers to these areas.

Just what is grocery-anchored property? As defined by Strathmore Development, it is a property that is near one or more grocery outlets and anchored to them in a way that creates a small community. Scott Chappelle compares this idea to the small-town mentality – just think of how many small towns flock to general stores to get an idea of what Strathmore Real Estate Group hopes to accomplish with this developmental strategy.

Examples of This Type of Strategy

Scott Chappelle has focused Strathmore Real Estate Group in many different areas over the years. Strathmore Development understands that grocery-anchored development isn’t just focused on grocery stores but restaurants as well. People want to find the restaurants that they like as close to them as possible. And Scott Chappelle understands how many people investigate the area in which they live for these goods, which is why Strathmore Real Estate Group has focused so heavily on their development.

In particular, they pay attention to the population of areas and the daily traffic that goes through a city. Strathmore Development understands that shops and grocery stores can only supply services to so many people. As a result, Scott Chappelle and Strathmore Real Estate Group focus heavily on the demand of the area and supply just enough grocery sources to meet their needs.


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