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Interview with Strathmore President Scott Chappelle – Strathmore Focuses on Social Distancing Design and Security for Tenants and Employees

With the pandemic reaching a new peak and flu season approaching, Scott Chappelle, President of Strathmore Real Estate Group, says that social distancing is – and will continue to be – an important part of the company’s management and construction strategy.

“As we plan and build out our new designs, social distancing will be top of mind,” says Scott Chappelle. Whether it’s a planned living community, office space, or an entertainment venue, we want to ensure that the design is fully conscious that social distancing will likely be a part of our lives going forward.”

Scott Chappelle East Lansing Developer Discusses Pandemic Safety Measures

Scott Chappelle says that his, and the company’s, number one concern is that their employees and their clients feel safe and remain healthy. The company made major adjustments to their processes and procedures in response to COVID-19.

Strathmore is working on innovative new designs for their residential communities meant to keep residents–and employees–safe. Floor plans that offer completely separate bedrooms with en suite private bathrooms for each resident, in-residence laundry rooms and equipment, and unit-specific heating and air systems all make for an appealing and sanitary solution to community living. High-end granite countertops and stainless steel appliances make wiping down easier and more effective.

The company is also investing in extra ventilation systems to keep the indoor air fresh and moving which reduces the likelihood of infection for tenants and employees. Scott Chappelle indicates they are also considering designs that include more green space and outdoor living opportunities like balconies.

“Every reasonable opportunity we have to reduce transmission, we’ll take,” says Scott Chappelle.

Tour the Premises – Safely says Scott Chappelle East Lansing Developer

Whether you’re interested in residential living like the company’s recent Red Cedar Flats community in Michigan or you’re looking for flexible office space like their Flex Suites Business Centers project, Scott Chappelle says you’re free to tour the premises – virtually! The company is working to offer virtual tours of all of its current projects so potential residents can view the layouts and ask any questions they may have.

You can also schedule a visit to tour in person – hand sanitizer and mask included! “We do ask that you schedule in advance so our staff can sanitize and prepare, and to prevent any overlap that could cause crowding,” says Scott Chappelle.

Scott Chappelle East Lansing businessman and President of Strathmore Development group is a licensed attorney, a certified public accountant, and a real estate broker. He uses this cross-training to his advantage in the field of real estate development, acquisition, and property management.

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