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Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development President Looks Back on 25 Years of Integrated Real Estate Solutions

Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development President and Chief Investment Officer, has been heading the company since 1997. A lot has changed in that time – political landscapes, environmental regulations, construction safety requirements, building trends, economic downturns and upswings, and now, the pandemic.

The Strathmore Real Estate Group’s mission and vision hasn’t changed, says Scott Chappelle Michigan. “Our team is efficient, reliable, and experienced – and our results are truly extraordinary,” says Chappelle. And it’s true that the Strathmore Development senior management team all average over thirty years of experience in sales, leasing, construction, and/or development. It’s also true that the group has a lengthy portfolio of completed projects in a wide variety of industries.

From retail to corporate to planned living communities, Scott Chappelle, Michigan businessman, has seen his company play out their vision of cutting edge designs and seamless integration time and again.

Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development President Credits Success to Team of “Talented Professionals”

“Strathmore Real Estate Group and its affiliates have an outstanding track record of successful real estate development, acquisitions, sales and leasing, and management,” says Scott Chappelle, Michigan resident, and local developer. Strathmore Real Estate Group works across the Midwestern and the Southeastern United States and up through Ontario, Canada. They specialize in commercial, mixed-use, and residential projects, which they bring to fruition through an in-depth understanding of both the complexities of the industry and problems they are solving with their services.

“The Strathmore Real Estate Group team is made up of highly qualified engineers, attorneys, certified public accountants, real estate brokers, and other construction and real estate professionals who are uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic real estate landscape,” says Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development President. “I’ve found that surrounding yourself with the best talent in the business gives you a huge advantage over the competition.”

Scott Chappelle, Michigan resident and long-time business owner, is actively engaged in real estate and debt acquisitions, construction, development, and property management. He is a licensed attorney as well as a certified public accountant and a real estate broker. He graduated from Michigan State University College of Business with a B.A. in finance and accounting. He obtained his J.D. from Western Michigan University, Thomas M. Cooley Law School, where his concentrations were in tax, business law, and real estate. He is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

In support of his local community, Scott Chappelle, Michigan developer, supports the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the United States Green Building Council, the Urban Land Institute, local youth soccer teams, and various local no-kill animal shelters.

Strathmore Welcomes Northwind Health & Fitness to the Final Phase of Red Cedar Flats

Red Cedar Flats is a conveniently located community living apartment complex nestled in the heart of the banks of the Red Cedar River. Located only a block away from Michigan State University, Red Cedar Flats is popular with students for its convenience and state-of-the-art amenities, says Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development President. 

Residents of Red Cedar Flats can enjoy 1 gig ultra-high-speed fiber optic internet in every living room and bedroom, HD Xfinity TV, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, hardwood-style floors, access to kayak launch and storage, covered bike racks, Whole Foods across the street, and more. Now, those amenities are expanding to include Northwind Health & Fitness. 

Strathmore Is Pleased to Welcome Northwind Health & Fitness to Red Cedar Flats Says Scott Chappelle Michigan Developer and President of Strathmore Development

Northwind Health & Fitness will be setting up a new location in the Red Cedar Flats mixed-use project. The brand new facility will be located at 2875 Northwind Drive, East Lansing, Michigan. This state of the art Technogym will include access to internet-enhanced aerobic equipment, free weights, tanning booths, and 24/7 facility access. Northwind Health & Fitness is now accepting member applications for both monthly access passes and annual memberships. 

Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development (9)

Memberships to Northwind Health & Fitness will be free to all Red Cedar Flats residents. Amenities include:

  • Free Weights
  • Smith Machines
  • Squat Racks
  • Ellipticals
  • Treadmills
  • StairMasters
  • 2 private tanning rooms 

“We couldn’t be more thrilled,” says Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development President and representative. He says that the main focus of Red Cedar Flats was to provide its residents with a luxurious and modern apartment sanctuary experience. 

They were very careful about the selection of amenities available – they want to provide their residents with only the best Scott Chappelle Michigan developer and resident tells us. The students of MSU and the community of this area are very health-conscious – that’s what made Northwind Health & Fitness and natural selection. Northwind Health and Fitness offers only the highest quality, cutting-edge in health technology.  

Come Check Out the Red Cedar Flats Facilities for Yourself Invites Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development President

Red Cedar Flats has been fully leased for Fall 2021, with a considerable waiting list. However, future tenants are encouraged to schedule a tour – virtual or in-person – as soon as possible to get a feel for the atmosphere and amenities available. 

The site has been so popular, says Scott Chappelle Michigan developer, that they are already considering adding a new phase to the already brand-new development. 

“The people of this area have spoken,” says Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development President. “We filled over half of Red Cedar Flats’ Fall openings with referrals from previous tenants.” That’s a number that the apartment community is proud of as a reflection of their commitment to caring for their residents in every way possible. 

Scott Chappelle Michigan developer says you have to see NorthWind Health & Fitness equipment and setup to believe it. It’s a modern-day, technical masterpiece. The residents of Red Cedar Flats are sure to appreciate and benefit from having high-tech fitness services available on their schedule.

Strathmore Real Estate Group Assisting Retail Tenants with Enhanced Drive-Through Capability explains Scott Chappelle

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, local businesses and restaurants across the country are struggling to adapt their business models to “the new normal.” Part of that adjustment includes catering to consumers who no longer feel safe inside their stores. For many, drive-thrus may feel like the perfect solution. But in some cities, it’s an illegal one.

In August of 2019, Minneapolis became the latest city to pass an ordinance banning the construction of new drive-through windows in hopes of lowering vehicle noise and idling which lowers pollution and increases safety for citizens on the nearby sidewalks. Similar legislation restricting or banning the creation of new drive-thru windows for banks, restaurants, and/or retail businesses was also passed in Creve Coeur, Mo.; Long Beach, Calif.; and Fair Haven, N.J.

Scott Chapelle Strathmore Development Working to Help Local Businesses Pivot

Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development (12)Scott Chappelle Michigan businessman and President of the Strathmore Real Estate Group is leading an initiative meant to help a significant number of retail businesses and quick-serve restaurants (QSR’s) to address the problems of social distancing, health and safety regulations, and increased delivery and pick-up demand. The company makes each recommendation based on the client’s needs and existing assets, but generally, a business has two choices – either enhance capacity at the existing location or pivot to a new location that has drive-through capability.

“Most bans focus on curbing emissions, improving pedestrian safety and enhancing walkability, but ignore the realities of consumer tastes and the marketplace,” says Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development President. “Especially right now, when drive-thrus are about more than convenience. Now it’s an issue of health and safety.”

Minneapolis City Council President, Lisa Bender, says the ordinance that banned new drive-thrus is part of a larger growth and development plan that includes an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Back when the ordinance first passed, pre-pandemic, Scott Chappelle Michigan developer noted that while “The legislation is sometimes promoted as an opportunity to create healthier food environments and curb obesity” he found it to be oppressive for local business owners.

Ban Found To Be Counterproductive Says Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development

When asked for comment, Roland Sturm, a senior economist at nonprofit research firm Rand Corp. called the idea of banning drive-thrus “ridiculous.” According to Sturm, those who backed the ban tend to tout potential health benefits. It may seem simple – less idling equals fewer fumes – but no research has been done on whether drive-thrus add significantly to carbon emissions and pollution more than other modes of dining and shopping.

People who may otherwise have picked up food and gone home may travel further for food or decide to make a night of it and travel to another location, canceling out the small gains of reducing drive-thru traffic. Or they simply order delivery, which just replaces one car with another (while also taking money out of local restaurants’ pockets) points out.

In fact, the practice could actually be counterproductive to health and safety. Aside from the obvious COVID-era worries about going inside a store or restaurant, obesity rates actually went up in South Los Angeles after new stand-alone fast-food restaurants and drive-through windows were banned, according to Social Science & Medicine. Sturm was the lead author of the study and notes that obesity continued to climb for three years after the ban.

Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development Continues to Respond to COVID-19 Distress

Strathmore Real Estate Group continues to pursue the development and construction of over 46 properties with enhanced drive-thru capability in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Strathmore is simply responding to changing consumer tastes precipitated by the global pandemic,” says Scott Chappelle Michigan resident and businessman. The bans often don’t include existing drive-thru windows, so Strathmore aims to offer those pre-existing properties to businesses who are suffering without a way to serve their clients.

Interview with Strathmore President Scott Chappelle – Strathmore Focuses on Social Distancing Design and Security for Tenants and Employees

With the pandemic reaching a new peak and flu season approaching, Scott Chappelle, President of Strathmore Real Estate Group, says that social distancing is – and will continue to be – an important part of the company’s management and construction strategy.

“As we plan and build out our new designs, social distancing will be top of mind,” says Scott Chappelle. Whether it’s a planned living community, office space, or an entertainment venue, we want to ensure that the design is fully conscious that social distancing will likely be a part of our lives going forward.”

Scott Chappelle East Lansing Developer Discusses Pandemic Safety Measures

Scott Chappelle says that his, and the company’s, number one concern is that their employees and their clients feel safe and remain healthy. The company made major adjustments to their processes and procedures in response to COVID-19.

Strathmore is working on innovative new designs for their residential communities meant to keep residents–and employees–safe. Floor plans that offer completely separate bedrooms with en suite private bathrooms for each resident, in-residence laundry rooms and equipment, and unit-specific heating and air systems all make for an appealing and sanitary solution to community living. High-end granite countertops and stainless steel appliances make wiping down easier and more effective.

The company is also investing in extra ventilation systems to keep the indoor air fresh and moving which reduces the likelihood of infection for tenants and employees. Scott Chappelle indicates they are also considering designs that include more green space and outdoor living opportunities like balconies.

“Every reasonable opportunity we have to reduce transmission, we’ll take,” says Scott Chappelle.

Tour the Premises – Safely says Scott Chappelle East Lansing Developer

Whether you’re interested in residential living like the company’s recent Red Cedar Flats community in Michigan or you’re looking for flexible office space like their Flex Suites Business Centers project, Scott Chappelle says you’re free to tour the premises – virtually! The company is working to offer virtual tours of all of its current projects so potential residents can view the layouts and ask any questions they may have.

You can also schedule a visit to tour in person – hand sanitizer and mask included! “We do ask that you schedule in advance so our staff can sanitize and prepare, and to prevent any overlap that could cause crowding,” says Scott Chappelle.

Scott Chappelle East Lansing businessman and President of Strathmore Development group is a licensed attorney, a certified public accountant, and a real estate broker. He uses this cross-training to his advantage in the field of real estate development, acquisition, and property management.

Scott Chappelle and Strathmore Real Estate Group Congratulates Client Cracker Barrel On Yet Another Successful Opening

Scott Chappelle and Strathmore Real Estate Group have a stellar reputation for real estate including development, sales and leasing, acquisition, and management all over the Midwestern and Southeast United States as well as Ontario, Canada. They work in a wide variety of verticals, from apartment complexes and student housing to retail, restaurants, and entertainment centers. They have worked with notable clients like Lowe’s, Rockefeller, Chick-fil-a, and, most recently, Cracker Barrel. 

“We’d like to congratulate Cracker Barrel on another truly successful opening in Riverview, Florida,” says a representative of Strathmore Development Scott Chappelle. “It was a team effort of our dedicated team of engineers, attorneys, CPAs, and other real estate professionals and Cracker Barrel’s excellent group of representatives that made this new location possible.”  

Cracker Barrel is a Tennessee-based company with 664 stores in 45 states. They always source domestically grown produce and ingredients for their home cooked recipes. From their green beans and potatoes to farm-raised catfish and domestic beef, you can truly taste the difference. They still hand-roll their biscuits, make their mashed potatoes and gravy from scratch, and slow roast their roast beef for 18 hours to stay true to their authentic, country-style southern cooking, explained Scott Chappelle.  

Strathmore Real Estate Group has worked directly with Cracker Barrel previously. The restaurant giant partnered with Strathmore Development to place one of its stores in Strathmore’s Riverview 14 Entertainment District back in March of 2020, says Scott Chappelle. 

“The project originally started construction in October of 2019,” says Scott Chappelle, a representative of Strathmore Real Estate Group.  “It took about five months to complete and prepare for the opening. We were really proud of the timeline. It wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration of our team and their fantastic owners.”  

Strathmore Development specializes in real estate development, debt acquisition, management, sales, and leasing. The group’s senior management team averages over 30 years of experience in the industry and the members are each considered thought-leaders in their field, explained Scott Chappelle. 

“We strive for extraordinary results,” says Scott Chappelle, a Strathmore Real Estate Group representative. “Our expertise and experience have given us the confidence to evaluate and execute some truly cutting-edge designs.”  

Strathmore Development extends a heartfelt and well-earned “Congratulations!” to the new managers and employees of the newest Cracker Barrel Country Store in Riverview, Florida. “We love working with Cracker Barrel, and we hope to see this partnership continue well into the future,” says Scott Chappelle and Strathmore Real Estate Group. 

For more information regarding Strathmore Real Estate Group’s Riverview 14 project, please contact Terry Benton at 

Strathmore’s Red Cedar Flats Residential Community Thriving Through the Pandemic

As the pandemic begins to subside and our communities adjust to the new normal, Scott Chappelle, President of Strathmore Real Estate Group, says social distancing will continue to be an important part of Red Cedar Flats’ health and safety strategy. Strathmore recently completed the Red Cedar Flats housing project – a planned community located adjacent to Michigan State University. 

“During the planning and building process, we made major adjustments to our procedures and policies to ensure the continued health and safety of our residents,” says Scott Chappelle East Lansing resident and philanthropist.   

Scott Chappelle Praises the Unique, Safety-Focused Design of Red Cedar Flats

Scott Chappelle Strathmore Development (11)According to Scott Chappelle, Red Cedar Flats’ unique design is what will help it continue to thrive during the pandemic. The residential community provides separate bedrooms with in-suite private bathrooms for every tenant. Each apartment also has its own laundry equipment so there’s no need to gather or wait in a common laundry room or laundromat where social distancing is difficult. 

Heating and air conditioning systems are provided for each individual unit which drastically reduces the possibility of a common exchange of air with other tenants.The units also possess solid surface flooring, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances, which are easy to sanitize and won’t be damaged by repeated wipedowns.

“This community was built with reduction of transmission in mind,” says Scott Chappelle. “We took every possible precaution during the design and construction of these apartments and we’re continuing that commitment to health and safety as residents start to move in.”

Red Cedar Flats is now conducting tours remotely for interested residents using Facetime, Zoom, and other convenient video chat platforms. Alternatively, if applicants choose to tour MSU’s newest luxury apartments in person, Red Cedar Flats is happy to provide them with a free mask. 

President Scott Chappelle East Lansing Businessman and Philanthropist Commends His Staff 

President Scott Chappelle is quick to praise his staff for “stepping up” in response to the pandemic. The company worked double-time to increase their safety measures and cleanliness procedures as well as keep those high standards over the entirety of the last seven months.   

“The property management team has done an amazing job keeping things on track during the pandemic despite full occupancy and the ongoing construction of the final phase,” praises Scott Chappelle. “I can’t give them enough credit for their hard work and their tireless vigilance.”

Demand Rising for Red Cedar Flats Community Despite COVID-19 Says Scott Chappelle

MSU’s enrollment continued to rise throughout the pandemic, creating a high demand for Red Cedar Flats’ safety-focused, luxury residential community living.

“These students deserve to feel safe when they come home from classes. They should have a place to relax and focus on their studies, no matter what the environment is like outside,” says Scott Chappelle East Lansing businessman and President of Strathmore Real Estate Group. 

Scott Chappelle is the President of Strathmore Real Estate Group, a company that assists with real estate development, acquisition, sales and leasing, and property management. The company has a dedicated team of talented engineers, CPAs, attorneys, and other real estate professionals who are uniquely qualified to meet the challenges and intricacies of today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving real estate environment.

Scott Chappelle Discusses How Strathmore Real Estate Group Continues to Open Restaurants During the Pandemic

The restaurant and hospitality industries have faced steep challenges in 2020 as lockdowns and social distancing have completely changed the way that companies must approach both customers and storefronts. Strathmore Real Estate Group‘s Riverview 14 Entertainment District, located in Gibsonton, Florida shows a clear example of how restaurants can work together to stay open while meeting local requirements.

This group of eateries, including Rosemary Grill, the GDX14 Features Gastropub, Zaxby’s, McAlister’s Deli, and Four Stacks Brewery, has welcomed back customers with a combination of new policies and setups.

“The local market has been very supportive and despite a few bumps in the road everyone is making headway,” says Scott Chappelle, President of Strathmore Real Estate Group. “Hillsborough County is experiencing phenomenal growth, which in turn is driving the demand for new retail, especially food options”.

Riverview 14 is well-equipped to take advantage of that customer support: The development, which still has two lots currently open, was built in Hillsborough County within the Tampa submarket of Gibsonton, Florida while enjoying close proximity to the I-75 corridor. The restaurants located within the Riverview 14 lot were innovative in their approach to reopening despite concerns regarding COVID-19. Effective tactics utilized by various restaurants include:


  • Marking floors for social distancing: Sometimes it’s not possible to avoid lines when ordering food, waiting for the restroom, or waiting outside for reservations to open up. In these cases, restaurants like Cracker Barrel (which has an establishment in the Strathmore Development) are marking floors and adding signs to make it clear where people should stand while waiting to minimize contact.


  • Spacing out tables and limiting capacity: Tables also need to be spaced out to meet distancing regulations, which requires new creative ideas for designing an updated restaurant floor plan. Restaurants can also take advantage of smaller tables, and block off sections of long tables to find better seating options. 


  • Moving seating outdoors: The Strathmore Real Estate Group has also seen restaurants successfully move much of their seating outdoors, opening up sidewalks, backlots, and owned parking spots so that people have more options for seating. This also gives customers more options about where they prefer to sit.


  • Wipe-down and hand-washing policies: New policies require thorough cleaning of all surfaces after contact with approved cleaners. This includes number pads, seats, tables, or menus that customers may have used. Wait staff should be provided with improved cleaning equipment to help assist in this, while other restaurants prefer to leave cleaning stations at tables. Older menus can also be replaced with wipeable versions, and restaurants are encouraging customers to use digital menus available online.


  • Shutting down certain high-risk activities in the restaurant: Restaurants like Cracker Barrel have also chosen to shut down certain activities as well as removing salt and pepper shakers so that contact issues aren’t a problem. Scott Chappelle says Strathmore Development has also seen other restaurants take new approaches to toys and child seating to help reduce the chances of infection.

Scott Chappelle explains Strathmore Development has seen more than 51,000 people moved into the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater metropolitan area last year, earning the ninth spot on the Census’s Top 10 Metropolitan Areas in Numeric Growth: 2017 to 2018 list.

This growth, powered by new arrivals moving to the area, shows promise for the future development of the area, which Strathmore Real Estate Group believes will bring in more business opportunities. Currently, the Strathmore Development Group has six other retail and multi-family living projects in development within the state.

Strathmore Real Estate Group Welcomes McAlister’s Deli to the Riverview 14 Development

Strathmore Real Estate Group recently welcomed McAlister’s Deli to the Riverview 14 Retail and Entertainment Development.

McAlister’s Deli is a staple in many towns and cities across the United States. It will now be a must-visit locale in the Riverview 14 Entertainment District. The Strathmore Real Estate Group recently announced that the nearly three-decades-old deli will be joining the other noteworthy shops and restaurants in this Strathmore Development complex. 

McAlister’s Deli has been serving mouthwatering deli sandwiches across America since 1989. The restaurant was founded by a dentist in Oxford, Miss., who had a vision to turn an old movie-set diner into a charming local restaurant. The vision was later turned into reality and a thriving restaurant franchise. More than 400 McAlister’s Deli Restaurants can now be found in 28 states, including here at the Strathmore Development Riverview 14 Entertainment District in Gibsonton. The eateries are known for serving delicious deli sandwiches, hot soups, and some of the best sweet tea in the country. 

“We have no doubt this will be a popular addition to the Riverview 14 Entertainment District,” Scott Chapelle of Strathmore Development said. 

The team at Strathmore Real Estate Group is excited to welcome the restaurant, because it’s known for bringing communities together through the enjoyment of delicious food. The menu is designed to offer something for every type of eater, even the pickiest kids and adults. Strathmore Development team members also stated that McAlister’s restaurants are known for offering unbeatable hospitality to their customers as well as their surrounding business and restaurant neighbors. 

“McAlister’s Deli locations consistently have positive impacts on the communities around them,” Scott Chappelle of Strathmore Real Estate Group said. “They get involved with local non-profits, schools, churches, and more, and that’s what we like to see from the tenants in our developments.”

McAlister’s Deli will be joining a number of other great restaurants and businesses at the Strathmore Development Riverview 14 Entertainment District in Gibsonton, Fla. This center, located just south of Tampa, offers a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options for visitors. The Riverview 14 GDX Theater, Four Stacks Brewery, Extended Stay America Hotel, Zaxby’s, and several other establishments have already been developed at this site. Locals and visitors in Gibsonton and surrounding areas have already been enjoying the many options at the Riverview 14 Entertainment District.

“This is just another great addition to an already great complex,” Scott Chappelle of Strathmore Real Estate Group said. “We can’t wait to see McAlister’s Deli succeed in this location.”

The Strathmore Development Team Discusses A Shift of Focus to Grocery Retail in Conover, NC

The Strathmore Development Team discusses a shift of focus to mixed-use projects and grocery retail in Conover, N.C. 

 Consumer desires are constantly changing, and the Strathmore Real Estate Group knows how to respond. Grocery retail and mixed-use projects are proving popular in Conover, N.C., and other cities across the country, and Strathmore Development has decided to pursue projects in those expanding markets. 

Strathmore Development is always at the cutting-edge of real estate trends. The trend in the City of Conover is leaning toward developments with grocery anchors accompanied by retail stores. The newest retail center is the Conover Commerce Center, set to feature a grocery store, outparcels, and local retail stores. It sits across from a Walmart Supercenter, which means the location may become a hub for shoppers looking to purchase everything they need in one easy location. 

“We’re seeing a shift toward shoppers who want to complete all of their tasks in one development,” Strathmore Development experts say. “Grocery anchored retail allows us to provide the grocery stores people need as well as a number of retail options to help them knock out all of their chores in one quick trip.”

Strathmore Real Estate Group experts have an interest in the city of Conover, because of it’s standing as the fastest growing city in the area. Conover sits just 40 miles north of Charlotte, N.C. The subject site for the Strathmore Development project is just on Highway 16 just off of Interstate 40, which sees 65,000 vehicles passing per day. 

Strathmore Development experts explain that placing a grocery anchored retail development here is a no-brainer. Mixed-use proejcts are becoming increasingly popular, and the Strathmore Real Estate Group considers this proejct an obvious choice in the rapidly growing city of Conover. The team states that this already-popular area will undoubtedly support a grocery store as well as the additional shops surrounding it.

Known as the Trade Area, this part of town is home to more than 54,000 people. Evenmore, Strathmore Development experts state 323 apartments are currently being built with an additional 60 apartments expected to begin construction soon. The population in Conover is expected to continue increasing rapidly, and the population will surely take to a first-class grocery anchored retail development.

“The population is booming in this area, and we’re excited to help make life more convenient for those who are moving here,” Strathmore Real Estate Group experts say. “We expect the population to continue increasing, and that means business for the supermarket and other retail establishments in this development will continue to grow as well.”

The Strathmore Real Estate Group has not yet released which grocery and retail stores will be entering the complex. 

Strathmore Development Discusses Real Estate Tips in the Time of Covid-19: the Importance of Anchored Grocery

Strathmore Development is responsible for developing and transforming many areas in the country under the steady direction of Scott Chappelle. As a result, many people have learned to follow Strathmore Real Estate Group when it comes to property development. So if they say the time is ripe for grocery-anchored real estate, it’s a good idea to listen.

Strathmore Real Estate Group Discusses Grocery-Anchored Real Estate

Over the years, Strathmore Development has noticed that customer taste in real estate has changed profoundly. More and more people are looking to move into an area that provides all of their needs, rather than having to travel every time that they want to shop. Scott Chappelle and Strathmore Real Estate Group understand this impulse: people want to return to a small community lifestyle.

As a result, they have been exploring and developing the concept of grocery-anchored retail over the last several years. This unique type of real estate is something Strathmore Development believes will continue to be the future of real estate. Scott Chappelle, in particular, has centered Strathmore Real Estate Group on finding unique ways of creating this type of property and directing customers to these areas.

Just what is grocery-anchored property? As defined by Strathmore Development, it is a property that is near one or more grocery outlets and anchored to them in a way that creates a small community. Scott Chappelle compares this idea to the small-town mentality – just think of how many small towns flock to general stores to get an idea of what Strathmore Real Estate Group hopes to accomplish with this developmental strategy.

Examples of This Type of Strategy

Scott Chappelle has focused Strathmore Real Estate Group in many different areas over the years. Strathmore Development understands that grocery-anchored development isn’t just focused on grocery stores but restaurants as well. People want to find the restaurants that they like as close to them as possible. And Scott Chappelle understands how many people investigate the area in which they live for these goods, which is why Strathmore Real Estate Group has focused so heavily on their development.

In particular, they pay attention to the population of areas and the daily traffic that goes through a city. Strathmore Development understands that shops and grocery stores can only supply services to so many people. As a result, Scott Chappelle and Strathmore Real Estate Group focus heavily on the demand of the area and supply just enough grocery sources to meet their needs.